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Dedicated to helping families see America while camping.

This website is intended to help people who want to travel the see the country.
Our family has been in all 48 continental states and seen just about every thing you would want to see. It has been a wonderful experience for us with priceless memories.
Camping has made it more real, more fun and more affordable.
A great deal of planning went into these trips and we hope to help other families who want to take these kinds of trips get a head start in their planning.
All of these trips begin and end in Pittsburgh.
We hope you find our site helpful.
This site is new as of April 2014. More detail will be added in the near future including more information about timing, lists of movies to watch before you go, books on cd to listen to on the long drives and tips for the planning and execution of a successful trip. Enjoy!

Trip Itineraries

Philadelphia (a long weekend)
Washington DC (a long weekend)
Virginia (1 week)
Texas (2 weeks)
Northwest (3 weeks)
New England (2 weeks)
Southwest (3 weeks)
Canada (2 weeks)
Florida (2 weeks)
Michigan (1 or 2 weeks)

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