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The Air Force Academy

Pikes Peak

The Garden of the Gods

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Mesa Verde National Park

Four Corners

Antelope Slot Canyon

Monument Valley

Grand Canyon National Park

Hoover Dam

Death Valley

Sequoia and Kings Canyon *

The Set of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Labrea Tar Pits

San Clemente State Beach

The Saguaro Desert

Goldfield Ghost Town

Slide Rock State Park, Sedona Arizona

The Meteor Crater

The Petrified Forest National Park

The Pecos River

The Pecos National Historical Park

Sante Fe

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park

Carlesbad Caverns National Park

Camping near Carlsbad

The Gateway Arch, St. Louis, MO


Sequoia and Kings Canyon

Drove from just west of Death Valley to Sequoia in about 5 hours. Its only 100 miles as the crow flies, but the mountains don't allow you to drive that way. Approaching Sequoia from Bakersfield, we drove past orange groves where they grow oranges year round. Twenty miles past that up the mountain, we entered Sequoia National Park where they can close the roads any day of the year for snow. We setup camp and went to see the General Grant tree and also drove in to for a look at Kings Canyon. The next day, we toured a cave, did laundry and visited the General Sherman tree. We saw about 7 black bears while we were in the park. You could spend more than a day and half here, but that was enough for us to catch the highlights.

General Grant Tree
General Grant Tree

General Sherman Tree
General Sherman Tree

Drive Through Tree
Drive Through Tree