Tiki Torches



Always take 2 or 3 tarps and lots of clothsline and string to tie them to trees etc. You can cover a pile of gear or your firewood or use them to extend the top of your bug house so it is has a larger roof for rain. Sometimes you don't erect a bughouse and you need somthing to prop up your tarp. Here is a cheap solution. We have 3 pieces of 1.5 inch diameter PVC and 2 elboes which you can buy for about 12 bucks. The supports are about 8 ft and the cross piece is 12. They fit nicely in our Ford E350 on the floor all the way to the left out of the way until we need them. Just put a stake in the ground under each support so that the support can slide over it and the tie the middle of the tarp to the PVC and tie the ends of the tarp down to rocks or trees or the picnic table or whatever.

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